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Dec 07 / 2020

Watch the Healing Power of Giving at Akron Children’s Hospital
When you see this clip, you'll know just why we started our non-profit, Santa PICsU!Our mission is to bring "the healing power of giving" to children and families in traumatic situations on a year-round basis. And just…
Nov 18 / 2020

Tim Clepper Selected as the 2020 Champion for Children! Akron Children’s Hospital—one of the nation’s leaders in pediatric care announced that Tim Clepper was one of three recipients of its prestigious 2020 Champion for Children Award. Tim was awarded the 2020 Champion for…
Aug 25 / 2020

A Big Win for the Cleveland Indians Charities!
Last evening when the Cleveland Indians were playing, I camped out across the street taking your phone calls and donations for the 2020 Cleveland Indians Charities Giveathon. This year, all donations go to strikeout the…
Aug 25 / 2020

The Cleveland Book Bank Turns Another Page! See how Kaulig Giving and Fox 8 Cleveland's Own is helping share amazing things in the community, including this segment about the Cleveland Kids Book Bank. Did you know that 2 out of 3…
Aug 12 / 2020

Let’s Talk Infrastructure
You know I've said it before. It takes a LOT to be successful. But what's more important than getting to where you want to go is knowing all the rules to the game. Having all…
Aug 07 / 2020

My Forever Friend
Steve Sogan and I have known each other since Kindergarten. In fact, we played every football game together, hiked, skied thousands of miles and talked to each other every week since 1980. And just like that,…


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