This was the moment I KNEW what I was destined to do. It wasn’t a big event with thousands of people in attendance. Instead, it was a simple conversation with someone I GREATLY admired. This chat gave me insight into who I am today.

Tim describes the moment where he knew what he was destined to do.

Video Transcript

Tim Clepper: It’s a memory that I’ll never forget. It’s sort of like an origin story. The exact moment when you know what you are destined to do. It stems back to when I was a younger guy. I would say probably even in high school… I remember one of my best friend’s dad actually was the CEO of a publicly traded company.

And we all looked up to him. Right? And this is one of the people I got to hang out with while I was a kid growing up, but I mean, certainly that wasn’t my family, but it was fun!

And when you’re the CEO of a publicly traded company, you’re at a different level. And he said “Tim”, (I remember he was standing in the kitchen) he said: “I’ve never seen anybody that could grow relationships like you.” And he said that! And I took notice to it. I realized that it was relationships. That’s what I do.