I want to share something that I like to do every day. It’s not a quick work habit, or easy fix to get more out of the day. It’s about taking a little time to unplug and relax. With the kids, deadlines, appointments and everything in between, things can get a bit out of whack.

When I take some extra time for myself, I fill it with MUSIC! As many of you know, I can’t describe how much I love music! It only takes one song to change your attitude. And remember, your attitude determines your altitude!

If you haven’t heard, we recently lost Nashville legend, John Prine to COVID-19. He was extremely loved by musicians of all genres and listeners over his successful 50-year career. If you have a quick minute and are in need of a smile, listen to his song, “When I Get to Heaven”. Make sure the volume is turned way up… Not only is it timely, it takes what otherwise is always such a scary topic, and well, you’ll see!