When it comes to being on a team, I know that it’s ALL ABOUT THE TEAM. It’s never just one person! Here are some tried and true rules of teamwork success.

1. Establish team values and goals
Look, it’s all about cultivating relationships with everyone on my team. I love to talk with them about their current progress. What are their concerns? Are meeting their own personal career goals? By setting the standard of putting your team first, you create a blueprint for personal growth and sustainability.    

2. Surround yourself with incredible talent
By having the best talent, our team only gets better. I love having experts around. I absolutely love it.  I get to learn, grow, and see things from a new perspective. It’s good to have strengths. I mean the few things I’m good at, I’m really good at. But it’s also good to know your limitations. And trust me, I have a lot of those too. But in that carefully balanced environment, that’s where talent can thrive.

3. Encourage success and conviction
This one is easy for me. I’m positive and I know that the work I put in will come through. At Kaulig Companies, all of us are driven by each other to succeed. We have cultivated a team that has conviction to succeed and a strong commitment to optimism. When those two things are happening, that energy becomes contagious.

TIm talks teamwork and what it truly takes to succeed.


Tim Clepper: One of the things I hate to hear people say is, I’m a self-made man. I’m a self-made millionaire. It takes a village. It takes it takes a team. Unless you came up with a winning lottery number and you pulled the ticket, it was just blind damn luck. There’s not one person that could say, I did it all myself. Other people, like you and like the people in this room and the people in ourcompany. I have to surround myself with those people because that’s what makes us all better.

Like I said before, I’m good at like four things. But the four things I’m good at, I’m really freaking good at. We’re not perfect. Not at all. And we’re not trying to be so. I know what I’m good at. 

So, I need to go out and find other people that have skills that I don’t have to become, like, the best we possibly can be as a group. It takes a team.