Steve Sogan and I have known each other since Kindergarten. In fact, we played every football game together, hiked, skied thousands of miles, and talked to each other every week since 1980. And just like that, he’s gone…

There are times in life where you lose somebody so quickly, that you can’t make sense of it. I’m not sure if it will ever make sense.
Here’s what I do know to be true:

Steve will be carried on by his loving wife, two kids and countless friends and family who will cherish his memory forever. He was able to combine being a family man, outdoorsman and business man better than anybody I have ever met.

He was and will always be one of the best friends I could ever ask for. Steve, I found some pictures of you, me and some of the guys from back in the day. I thought it would make you laugh… I’m also posting the one where we hiked and skied the Highland Bowl together.

I believe it was your best and last run… I’ll always remember it, and you.