You know I’ve said it before. It takes a LOT to be successful. But what’s more important than getting to where you want to go is knowing all the rules to the game. Having all your ducks in a row and surrounding yourself with a structure that continues to help make you successful.

And it starts HERE! Infrastructure keeps businesses moving and cities growing. It’s truly all about planning and understanding. That’s what we do at Kaulig Companies.


This might sound different… Making wealth is not that hard, it’s keeping it right? (laughs) So you look at the people that win these mega-lotteries, right? and three years later, they’re bankrupt. How did you how did you win 50 million dollars and lose it all? Well, you don’t have the infrastructure, and that’s what we provide here to the family. Like what we have at the end of the day, whether it’s marketing, whether it’s finance, whether it’s legal, whether it’s accounting, whether it’s bill pay, whether it’s fixing the freaking car, WE ARE ALL INFRASTRUCTURE.