Last evening when the Cleveland Indians were playing, I camped out across the street taking your phone calls and donations for the 2020 Cleveland Indians Charities Giveathon. This year, all donations go to strikeout the digital divide that separates our Cleveland kids from basic internet and technological access they need to succeed.

The 2020 Cleveland Indians Charities Giveathon was off and running and we were closing in on our $200,000 goal. But we weren’t quite there yet! And you know, I didn’t want to leave it to chance. I mean, there were too many people depending on us! Every new dollar raised meant we could help even more kids. So, I stayed in this same spot until the game ended.

When I finally looked up, we not only hit our goal, but we beat it by $23,000. The Indians may have lost the game, but Northeast Ohio won last night.

To all my friends, family, colleagues and all the Tribe fans out there… Thank you for your generosity! You are truly givers! 

We did it.